What if my parcel gets lost in the mail?

While we aim to do everything we can to ensure you receive your products safely and on time, we know that unforeseen issues can occur within the delivery system. To ensure that you receive your parcel, we double check that your shipping address is 100% correct, and we add a tracking number to stay updated.

If your parcel doesn't arrive on time, we ask that you contact the courier service directly to enquire about your missing parcel, and reference the tracking number. If you do not eventually receive your parcel, we suggest that you ask the courier for compensation for the lost parcel (this could be a percentage of what the lost parcel was worth).


What if the product I purchased are faulty?

First of all, we are so sorry! We always aim to ensure that our products in perfect condition when distributed, and it is so disappointing that your item isn't up to this standard.

Follow the returns process and attach a photo of the fault. If still in stock we’ll replace the item for you otherwise we’ll issue a refund upon receiving your return. Please be sure to contact us regarding any faults within seven days of receiving your product, and if we are at fault we provide you with the best possible solution, as soon a possible.



How should i clean my Jewelry?

1) Remove, examine and clean your jewelry regularly. Ideally, do not bathe, workout, swim or use cleaning products while wearing jewelry. Dirt, bacteria, oils and chemicals can all lead to metal and skin reactions if these tips are not followed.

2) If cleaning is needed, use a soft bristled toothbrush and mild non gritty soap with water to gently wash the piece. Dry thoroughly. A soft polishing cloth (widely sold in stores for silver polishing) can be used to remove any tarnish and restore shine.


How long does it take to mail?

Shipping to Germany: Our mailing method defaults to DHL, usually 1-3 business days after the item is sent.